Park Hill Golf Course Land Perpetual Conservation Easement

The Park Hill Golf Course land is protected by a perpetual conservation easement (the “Protected Land”).  The conservation easement was paid for with tax dollars on behalf of the people of the City and County of Denver and was established through an agreement between the land owner and the city of Denver. This agreement was made to preserve the Protected Land as open space and for recreational purposes, and it allows for the use of the land as an 18-hole golf course, ball fields, tennis courts, and other recreational activities.

The conservation easement is unique in that it is the only city-owned one in Denver and it is closely watched by environmental groups and conservation organizations throughout the state of Colorado. Denver residents and these groups are concerned that any attempt to evade state law regarding the conservation easement could lead to the erosion of other similar agreements and put protected lands at risk.

This conservation easement is an invaluable tool for Denver residents and environmentalists, as it helps preserve the planet and maintain open spaces. This Protected Land is a symbol of Denver’s dedication to preserving green spaces and ensuring that future generations can enjoy the same benefits. It is important to uphold the promises made to residents and protect this site for the enjoyment of all.

Why this deal is a bad deal for the city of Denver:

  • The Protected Land is a symbol of the city’s commitment to preserving open spaces and recreational opportunities
  • The proposal disregards the will of voters and sidesteps state statutes on conservation easements
  • The statute requires showing changes on or around the land making it impossible to use the Protected Land for open space and recreation.
  • The city and developer are unable to meet the legal threshold and are resorting to an illegal and unconstitutional land swap
  • The land swap would dissolve the conservation easement without going through court
  • Puts open space on the Protected Land at risk and sets a dangerous precedent for other public assets
  • Need to stand up for the right to preserve open spaces and recreational opportunities
  • Need to stand up for the legal process and constitutional principles protecting public assets
  • Need to stand up for the Protected Land and preserve parks and open spaces.

By standing up for the Protected Land, we are also standing up for our right to preserve open spaces and recreational opportunities for future generations, the legal process, and the constitutional principles that protect our public assets.
We desperately need affordable housing in our city, but it does not have to be built by sacrificing our little, and dwindling, amount of open space.  There are several affordable housing developments being built or have been built, around the area of the Protected Land.  This is not an either-or choice, our city can plan for and have both.  As your next City Councilman At Large, these are the policies I will fight for.  By saying “yes” to preserving our parks and open spaces, and saying “no” to wanton, unregulated development, we are taking a stand for a future where public assets are protected and preserved for the benefit of all citizens.